Dear Families,

I am here for you - I am still your Photographer. 

I hope you are all well and staying safe through these uncertain and abnormal times.


I wanted to reassure you that I am still absolutely conducting business as usual and wanted to take a moment to take you through my services and how they will change/not change due to the Coronavirus and ensuring that I am taking necessary precaution to keep us all safe.

As a Newborn & Family Photographer, I have always had strict hygiene and safety guidelines in place to keep everyone safe. 


This process still continues, however new procedures have been put in place to reassure you that I am doing anything necessary to protect your family (as well as mine) and that I am committed to do my very best to be able to safely continue to photograph your newborn and family for as long as I can.


I am asking of you to please accept and abide by the changes that are now in place for all sessions, until further notice. I appreciate your patience and understanding through this challenging time.

I am keeping up to date with the current government policies and health advice and have completed a certificate from the Australian Government in COVID-19 Infection Control (displayed above).

Studio Newborn Sessions

Prior to COVID-19 the following procedures were already in place and will continue to be for Studio Newborn Sessions:

- House thoroughly cleaned, floors mopped, benches disinfected and wiped down, toilet bleached and cleaned, carpets vacuumed

- All materials and wraps washed prior to sessions

- Hand sanitiser used throughout each session

- All sessions were rescheduled if I felt unwell at all - without question or hesitation

New Procedures that have been put in place additional to the existing ones:

- Before coming to your session please check your temperature, if anyone is not feeling well please ring to reschedule your session. If you or your baby presents unwell on the day you will be asked to leave and will need to reschedule your session

- Front door and bathroom door handles thoroughly cleaned and disinfected

- Removal of all shoes at the front door prior to entering my home

- You will be asked to use hand sanitiser before entering the studio and throughout the session, especially after touching your face

- All studio toys removed and will no longer be available for use during my sessions

- Tea, Coffee, Water and snacks will no longer be on offer during my sessions, please ensure you bring your own and have enough for your session

- Magazines will no longer be available for use during my sessions

- Gloves will need to be worn to look through Albums and print products

- Immediate family will only be allowed in the studio during a Newborn session

- No phones to be used during my sessions 

- I will be implementing the use of a mask and gloves during each session ensuring no droplet transmission or skin contact is made

- Windows and front door will remain open during the session to ensure adequate fresh air flow

- Social distancing will be implemented where possible 


Some hospitals have now implemented new precautions to keep mothers, newborns and hospital staff safe during this time. Each hospital is different and I ask that you consult with your OB or midwife at your appointments to see if I will be able to come in. In some cases families have made me their extra carer for the duration of their stay to ensure they can still have their session. This is completely up to each individual family. For anyone that has booked one of these sessions over the next few months or for anyone that was wanting to book one of these sessions, the following options will be available for you instead:

- Organise to have me come to your home the day you arrive home from the hospital and have more of a lifestyle session

- Transfer your session to a Studio Session

- For those that have booked my Bump to Baby Package you can either choose to change to maternity & studio newborn booking only or have the option to change your fresh48 to first day at home session.


I understand that this is not ideal, and all of my families adore my Fresh48 sessions just as much as me, but options are available and safety is paramount during this time to keep your family and my family safe.


Policies are changing all of the time so please ask your hospital for their current rules around visitors. 


Lifestyle newborn Sessions

Please ensure that your home has been thoroughly cleaned before I arrive. If anyone is not well in anyway please ensure you call prior to your session so we can reschedule. I will be bring my own hand sanitiser and using a face mask & gloves during these sessions.

Please ensure immediate family only is present during your session - no visitors allowed please! 

Family Sessions

Family sessions are generally always held outside during sunset times. These will continue to stay that way and i'll be implemented safe social distancing between myself and your family. A face mask and sanitiser will be used regularly throughout your session and no skin contact will be made. This will mean more instructions from me to help you throughout your session.

If anyone is feeling unwell in any way please ring ahead prior to your session so that we can reschedule to a time when everyone has fully recovered.

If anyone that has booked in or looking at booking a Studio or In-home Lifestyle session and do not feel comfortable having me in an enclosed room, I will be offering Sunset Newborn Sessions soon. These will be able to be done when bubs is up to 8 weeks old and at a location of your choice with Social Distancing and normal hygiene practices in place. No posing of the baby will done throughout these sessions but this will still give you the opportunity to capture some beautiful moments of you with your newborn whilst feeling a little more at ease. For anyone interested in this session please contact me to discuss further. Enquire here.


As Government policies have been put into place for crowds of more than 100 people at an event - a lot of Weddings will have to be postponed to a future date. I am 100% still open and operational for weddings including elopements, small intimate wedding and future dated weddings when venues are fully functional. To find out more about my Wedding services please get in touch! 



Working together we can keep small businesses alive during this challenging time and I want to be here to help you capture these special moments. No one should have to miss out, so be safe, be thorough and help to protect each other in our community. If we can all work together I can still be your photographer and I can still be here for you and my family! 

If anyone has any concerns and wishes to discuss anything at all around this please do not hesitate to get in contact on either my mobile 0421 061 247 or by email

Looking forward to seeing you and your family soon!


Ebony x




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