Dan & Joelle - Surprise Proposal Gold Coast

Dan contacted me and spilled his heart out about his love for his girlfriend Joelle and how he wanted to propose to her where they first met and wanted it all captured. We spoke... for months and planned this beautiful evening for the two of them and what an amazing proposal it was. Dan was nervous (naturally) and Joelle had no idea what was happening, it was all so beautiful and sweet. Soon after she turned to me with tears running down her face and noticed this stranger coming closer taking pictures of them and that's when she realised that it was all planned and her gorgeous fiancé really had thought of it all! They were so buzzed and there smiles were from ear to ear the entire time. Feet in the sand and the golden sunset sun kissing their skin they truly soaked up this beautiful moment and allowed me to dance around them like a weirdo capturing even little bit of their happiness that I could. Congratulations Dan & Joelle!

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